sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

X Latin American Workshop (DAAL) - Ouro Preto :: Octubre 2011

  1. Ramos I., Díaz I., Fdz-Polanco M. "The role of the headspace during the hydrogen sulphide removal in a microaerobic digester of sludge"  (Oral Presentation).
  2. Perez-Elvira S.I., F. Fdz-Polanco F. "Continuous operation of a pilot plant combining thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion of sludge: process yield, digestate characterization and economic study" (Oral Presentation).
  3. Alzate M., Muñoz R., Fdz-Polanco F., Perez-Elvira S.I. "Influence of thermal hydrolysis pretreatment on the anaerobic digestión of microalgae" (Poster).
  4. Carvajal A., Peña M., Perez-Elvira S., Fdz-Polanco F. "Study of the temperature effect on the autohydrolysis pretreatment of secondary sludge" (Poster).